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    1@Chem Chemical
    1@Chem Chemical is fully equipped to offer a broad scope of services, including:

    Custom synthesis
    1. Synthesis of APIs and intermediates;
    2. Assessment and selection of synthetic routes;
    3. Synthesis of compound library;
    4. Various chemical reactions.

    Process research and development
    1. Condition screening in small-scale experiment, scale-up to pilot-scale experiment;
    2. Synthesis of impurities;
    3. The study of efficient and low-cost process route;
    4. Process scale-up according to specified route.

    Large scale production
    1. Large scale production at the scale from kilograms to tons;
    2. Various chemical reactions.

    Process technology transfer
    Process optimization technology transfer of independent intellectual property. Providing detailed process technology routes and parameters.
    1. Crystallization process;
    2. Synthesis process;
    3. Production process.

    Synthesis of labeled compound
    In accordance with the requirements of customers on the different position of drug metabolism, deuterium labeling or 13 carbon labeling.
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